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Why Hire Me?

As a professional traditional and genetic genealogist, I have the training, skills, and resources to ensure your tree has been researched accurately and thoroughly. 


You have a job, family, hobbies... a life of your own! Just as you have expertise in your field, I have expertise in mine. By attending conferences, webinars, and meetings with other professionals, by reading journals, articles, and books, I constantly expand my knowledge of the field I love.

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My thorough knowledge of the tools of a genealogist is crucial. These include using seemingly meaningless information from deeds or censuses, scouring courthouse records for traces of your ancestor, and deciphering autosomal DNA results.

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My research can help you prove your family legends, discover new stories, solve mysteries, and learn about yourself. The research you commission will create a beautiful gift for future generations.


Being a professional requires that I have access to not only the free or popular digital resources, but the numerous obscure and expensive sources of genealogical information.

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